Exclusive food & wine in Lausanne

Happy Birthday Eat Me! It’s already your 4th and you’re getting more beautiful every month! My last visit at Eat Me was for a wine degustation with the family of Eat me. A special one – full of culinary joy and passion.

The popular restaurant in the centre of Lausanne is a creation of its owner Serena Shamash – an authentic lady from Kenya with roots from India. The restaurant’s menu is international and works under the title „the world on small plates“. Guests can find creative compositions on the menu, inspired by Serena’s journeys all around the world with her kind husband, who is a wine connaisseur. The style of the cuisine is creative, courageous and cosmopolitan – like Serena herself.

For the wine degustation, another power couple joined this special evening at Eat Me – Eleonora Rossi and Marco Casolanetti from the Oasi degli Angeli in the province Cupra Marittima in Italy. They let Swiss Gourmets taste their premium wine Kurni – a product of their biodynamic agricultural farm. Some specialists call their Muntepulciano the best of Italy. No sulphates and only 6’000 thousand bottles per year are most impressing key facts of the work of the two passioned oenophiles. But not only wine is their passion, they are producing olive oil too, which shows her big talent for agricultural and natural products in harmony with the environment.

And now the good news: Kurni wine is now available on the menu of Eat Me! I recommend to visit my favourite place in Lausanne and to taste maybe the mini burger or the tartare with a glass of Kurni – liquid passion! Don’t forget to complete the evening with an incredible variation of desserts and your dinner will just be perfect!

Eat me restaurant & cocktail lounge
Rue Pépinet 3
CH Lausanne

Tel.: 0041 21 311 7659

Sunday and monday closed.

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